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This set of bowls features a large seving bowl and 4 individual serving size bowls. They are made from black walnut and pine with an inlaid chicken in the bottom, indiviually hand-cut and finished with mineral oil for food safety and durability.  The large bowl is 11" diameter and 6" deep and the small bowls are 7" diameter and 4" deep.  


*Do not expose to open flame

*Wipe clean with damp cloth

*Do not submerge, not dishwasher safe

*Should be retreated with mineral oil regularly to maintain color, shine and protection

Chicken Salad Bowl Set

SKU: 23SSB08
    • Dimensions: Large bowl 11" diameter and 6" deep, small bowl 7" diameter and 4" deep.
    • Solid Black Walnut and Pine
    • Mineral Oil Finish
    • Do not expose to open flame
    • Indoor use only, decorative use only
    • Wipe clean with damp cloth
    • Do not submerge, not dishwasher safe
    • Retreat with mineral oil or butcher block oil as needed
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